A short tour of Lahore

Days 156 & 157: 22-23/08/19Location: Gilgit - Burawi - Khanpur Dam, PakistanMiles Driven: 270Our journey from Gilgit to Lahore gave us our first true taste of the world's worst driving. The first part of the journey was uphill - a lot higher and steeper than we had anticipated. We trundled along hoping that Natalie could... Continue Reading →

Nothing to see in Kazakhstan

Day 64: 22/05/19Location: Uralsk, KazakhstanMiles Driven: 0Our first couple of days in Kazakhstan were spent catching up on various jobs: withdrawing local currency, purchasing a local sim card, washing our clothes and bedding at the launderette, and filling up the fridge. We stayed in a cheap hostel that was cheap for a reason. The decor... Continue Reading →

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