Whacky Wagah (Part 2: The Closing Ceremony)

Days 165-167: 31/08/19-02-09/19Location: Amritsar, IndiaMiles Driven: 4We had a few days at the hotel, ticking bits off of our never-ending to do list. This included servicing the car - a task that we are undertaking every 5000 miles during the trip. The hotel parking was right next to the street, so, much to the joy... Continue Reading →

Wacky Wagah (Part 1: Crossing the border)

Day 160: 26/8/19Location: Amritsar, IndiaMiles Driven: 49With only a few days before our Pakistan visa expired, it was time to say goodbye. Unfortunately for India, our arrival into the country did not provide a great example of the country or its people. Writing this several weeks later, I'm afraid to say that it set the... Continue Reading →

A cold night in the mountains

Day 151: 17/08/19Location: Chutran, PakistanMiles Driven: 58After a week at the Madina Guesthouse we were packing the car ready to leave. Yaqoob (the manager) came over to say good morning and was disappointed to discover that we were leaving. We had told him the previous evening but he had misunderstood and thought we were leaving... Continue Reading →

A big bag of plums

Day 143: 09/08/19Location: Gilgit, PakistanMiles Driven: 68Our day started in a gorgeous wild camping spot, in the valley, not too far from the Hunza river. From the top of the hill came three teenage boys, making their way down the steep mountainside with expertise rivalled only by mountain goats. The previous night Chris had chatted... Continue Reading →

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