Nothing to see in Kazakhstan

Day 64: 22/05/19Location: Uralsk, KazakhstanMiles Driven: 0Our first couple of days in Kazakhstan were spent catching up on various jobs: withdrawing local currency, purchasing a local sim card, washing our clothes and bedding at the launderette, and filling up the fridge. We stayed in a cheap hostel that was cheap for a reason. The decor... Continue Reading →

A Lucky Day

Day 14: 02/04/19Location: Omisalj, CroatiaMiles Driven: 106 What can possibly go wrong on a day with this as the wake up view! Driving from one wild camping spot to another, Chris rolled down the window and cocked his head to the side. This is never a good sign. Window down and cocked head means that... Continue Reading →

A Whistle-Stop Tour Of Slovenia

Day 11: 30/03/19Location: Venice, Italy (AM), Bled Hostel, Lake Bled, Slovenia (PM)Miles Driven: 155After a slow get up we headed east (bit of a given really) towards Slovenia. On the horizon was a snow topped mountain range. Wonderfully foreboding, it acted as a nice piece of symbolism to mark the part of our journey in... Continue Reading →

A weekend in Venice

“Shall we have a weekend in Venice?” - Chris suggested a few days before we left the UK whilst we were watching TV. We’d put on ‘race around the world’ - 5 couples have £2600 to get from London to Singapore by land without phones or credit cards. As we watched the couples make their... Continue Reading →

Bonjour France!

After more planning than we could ever imagine, countless injections, too many goodbyes, and weeks on weeks of final preparations, we were finally ready to start our journey to Australia. Singapore bound, first stop, France. Day 3: 22/03/19Location: Saussan, France (just outside of Montpellier)Waking up to frost on the outside of the car confirmed our... Continue Reading →

Morocco 6.10.18 – 29.10.18 (Part 4)

The final instalment of our Moroccan adventure. In case you missed them, check out part 1, part 2, and part 3. Day 17: 22/10/18Location: Azrou (Euro camping)Now well and truly out of the desert, the landscape was strikingly different, and largely used for agriculture with intricate irrigation systems carving their way through the fields. Between farmlands... Continue Reading →

Morocco 6.10.18 – 29.10.18 (Part 3)

Welcome back for the third instalment of our Moroccan adventure. In case you missed them, check out part 1 and part 2. Day 11: 16/10/18Location: Tazzarine (Camp Sedrar)Disaster has struck! We have succumbed to the terrible fate of being idiotic, gullible tourists. After a nice morning of driving we entered a small village and were greeted by... Continue Reading →

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