Nothing to see in Kazakhstan

Day 64: 22/05/19Location: Uralsk, KazakhstanMiles Driven: 0Our first couple of days in Kazakhstan were spent catching up on various jobs: withdrawing local currency, purchasing a local sim card, washing our clothes and bedding at the launderette, and filling up the fridge. We stayed in a cheap hostel that was cheap for a reason. The decor... Continue Reading →

A night in the Zoo

Day 48: 06/05/19Location: Ostrytsya, Ukraine Miles driven: 80The dates for our Russian visa looming ever closer, it was time to leave Romania and make our way through Ukraine. If I am honest, my expectations were low. I envisioned lots of grey and not much else. Our borrowed Eastern Europe guidebook didn’t have much to offer... Continue Reading →


Day 29: 17/04/19Location: Fruska Gora, Serbia - Cebz, RomaniaMiles driven: 95After five fairly average days in Serbia, it was time to move on. The flat landscapes of Romania, and with them, (we hoped) less rain and hotter temperatures, were calling us. The border took 20 minutes to cross. Slowed down firstly by the Serbian customs... Continue Reading →

Never mind the weather…

Day 20: 08/04/19Location: Blagaj, Bosnia & HerzegovinaMiles Driven: 0Rain, cards, more welcome drinks, more rain. We did manage to walk our way up to Blagaj Castle between the rain showers Yet to see any wildlife we don't get at home, we were pretty impressed by the size of this snail on our way up to... Continue Reading →

Morocco 6.10.18 – 29.10.18 (Part 4)

The final instalment of our Moroccan adventure. In case you missed them, check out part 1, part 2, and part 3. Day 17: 22/10/18Location: Azrou (Euro camping)Now well and truly out of the desert, the landscape was strikingly different, and largely used for agriculture with intricate irrigation systems carving their way through the fields. Between farmlands... Continue Reading →

Morocco 6.10.18 – 29.10.18 (Part 3)

Welcome back for the third instalment of our Moroccan adventure. In case you missed them, check out part 1 and part 2. Day 11: 16/10/18Location: Tazzarine (Camp Sedrar)Disaster has struck! We have succumbed to the terrible fate of being idiotic, gullible tourists. After a nice morning of driving we entered a small village and were greeted by... Continue Reading →

Morocco 6.10.18 – 29.10.18 (Part 2)

The second instalment of our Moroccan adventure. In case you missed it, part 1 can be found here. Day 4: 9/10/18Location: Martil (Camping Al Boustane)We made it to Morocco! And, even better, we made it to Morocco without breaking down! The ferry ride from Algeciras to Tangier was exceptionally speedy in comparison to our Santander ferry -... Continue Reading →

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