A short tour of Lahore

Days 156 & 157: 22-23/08/19Location: Gilgit - Burawi - Khanpur Dam, PakistanMiles Driven: 270Our journey from Gilgit to Lahore gave us our first true taste of the world's worst driving. The first part of the journey was uphill - a lot higher and steeper than we had anticipated. We trundled along hoping that Natalie could... Continue Reading →


Day 29: 17/04/19Location: Fruska Gora, Serbia - Cebz, RomaniaMiles driven: 95After five fairly average days in Serbia, it was time to move on. The flat landscapes of Romania, and with them, (we hoped) less rain and hotter temperatures, were calling us. The border took 20 minutes to cross. Slowed down firstly by the Serbian customs... Continue Reading →

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