The Great Escape

Waking up after yet another "worst day of the trip so far" we knew what we needed to do. We had thought that having over a month off of the roads might have re-energised us enough to want to spend the next couple of months travelling around Nepal and North-East India, but after just three days back on the road and only one and a half days in Nepal, we'd had enough. We were no longer enjoying our adventure, and we needed to leave the Indian Subcontinent as quickly as possible.

Delhi Disaster

Authors note: A forewarning - this is a pretty negative account about India. Unfortunately for us, we had very few enjoyable moments during our time there. Our experience is our own, and this account is formed entirely of my own opinions. Many many people visit India and absolutely fall in love with it. It just wasn't for us.

36 Terrible Hours in India

The following few blogs about our time in India have been a long time coming - it has been seven weeks since my last update, and nearly four months since these events occurred. This is quite simply because it has taken this long to be ready to write about our time there; the hardest part of the trip so far, and by far the worst experiences in our travelling lives. When deciding to document our travels, we wanted to include the good and the bad rather than paint a perfect picture of our overlanding lifestyle. But when it comes down to actually doing that, its quite difficult! Hopefully I am writing them now, long enough after it all happened that I am able to look back and remember the good experiences as well as the bad. It wasn't all doom and gloom!

A Lucky Day

Chris rolled down the window and cocked his head to the side. This is never a good sign. Window down and cocked head means that I must keep absolutely silent until Chris has decided whether or not the sound he thinks he heard is a problem. Natalie had been vibrating more than usual for a day or so. Chris knew something was not quite right, but were yet to work out what it was.

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