First Aid

We have aired on the side of caution with regards to our first aid kit, taking a lot more than we hopefully need. As well as taking the Mountain Leader Pro first aid kit, and a smaller Life Systems first aid bag (to take out in our day bag when we are away from the car), we stocked ourselves with lots of tablets, lotions and potions. Taking 18 months worth of everything is not possible – the car just isn’t big enough, so with most of the medications that we packed, we packed enough tablets for both of us to take them for 3 days without needing to restock. After discussion with our Doctors, our wonderful local Pharmacist, and thinking back to our own experiences during previous (albeit smaller) trips, this is our list:

Tablets (enough for 2 people for 3 days):
• Paracetamol
• Ibuprofen
• Aspirin
• Cold & flu relief (this was probably one of our most used medications during the trip)
• Allergy & Hayfever (to aid with the formidable insect bites – we have packed about 12 months worth of these as you only take 1 per day)
• Imodium
• Re-hydration sachets
• Thrush tablets & cream (recommended by our Pharmacist because the cream can be used as cream for any kind of rash)
• Doxycycline (anti-malarial, which fortunately we only need for quite a small proportion of the trip)

Lotions and Potions (1 bottle/tube unless otherwise stated):
• Dettol Antiseptic spray
• Antiseptic cream
• Insect bite cream
• 100ml Eyewash/saline solution – ideal for rinsing wounds when clean water isn’t available
• First defence
• 2 bottles of antibiotic eye drops (during our practice run to Morocco, I caught conjunctivitis on the first day. It was fairly easy to get hold of antibiotic eye drops in the seaside town that we were staying in, but this may not be the case for most of our trip. Generally Pharmacy’s do not give his out pre-emptively, but can do at their own discretion. We got all of our vaccinations from a local boots, and the Pharmacist there was not only lovely but also pretty well travelled, and was willing to let us buy this for the trip)

• Water purifying tablets (we have a life straw water filter bag, but we thought that these might be handy if we have a few days away from the car and water to purify water without using a 12L bag to do so)
• 10 Compeed blister plasters (because sometimes standard plasters just don’t cut it)

We have probably gone a bit OTT, but our hope is that we come back from the trip with much of this unused.

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