Our Story

When Chris was 13, his Dad bought him a book called First Overland. The book is written by one of six young men from Oxford and Cambridge Universities who in 1956 were the first people to successfully drive from London to Singapore. They completed this mammoth journey in two Series 1 Land Rovers.

Chris has inherited a love of Land Rovers from his Granddad, and upon reading this story, decided that he wanted to follow in First Overland’s footsteps and complete the journey in his own Land Rover. Over the next few years this dream, as many dreams do, stayed in the back of Chris’ mind. He slowly began to research what an adventure like this might require – a key element of course being a Land Rover.

Once Chris had his vehicle, all he needed was a co-pilot. Times have changed since the 1950’s, so unlike his predecessors, who searched for adventurers via word of mouth, newspaper adverts, and letters written on a typewriter, Chris used a more modern approach: Tinder.

Enter Charlie, always keen for an adventure, addicted to travel, and intrigued by an out of the ordinary Tinder profile. Chris & Charlie’s first conversation covered the basic necessities: did they have similar music taste for the longest playlist known to man (yes), could Charlie cope with getting frequently lost (yes – this already happened to her on a regular basis), would Chris protect Charlie from eight legged monsters and such like (yes). That first conversation led to a first date, which led to more dates, moving in together, saving money together and eventually, 25 months and 1 day after that first conversation, Chris and Charlie jumped in the car, and drove east for a very long time.

“Wanted: Adventure Partner for epic road trip to Australia.
Essential skills:
-Road trip playlist extraordinaire
-Ability to travel in a car for more than five minutes without saying ‘are we nearly there yet’
-Enjoy star gazing whilst falling asleep, every night
-Creative in the kitchen (that or we get Mongolian Dominos)
Optional skills:
-Map reader (part of the fun is getting lost and exploring new places, so not essential)”

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