A few more practice runs

So in case it isn't obvious, Australia is really far away. This is going to be a pretty big trip. I still haven't entirely realised myself how big this will be. Whilst nothing can really prepare anyone for spending 18 months driving across the world on a very limited budget, we did try to do a few more practice runs before we left.

Meet Natalie

A pretty essential part of driving to Australia is to have a car. Full disclosure: if you're expecting a highly detailed commentary on the technical ins and outs of this car, you are in the wrong place. Natalie is blue. She is a Land Rover. She has lights that look like she is a vampire hunting car from the movies. She can drive down very steep hills all by herself.

The Life Changing Swipe Right

Wanted: Adventure Partner for epic road trip to Australia. Essential skills: Road trip playlist extraordinaire, ability to travel in a car for more than five minutes without saying 'are we nearly there yet', must enjoy star gazing whilst falling asleep, every night, creative in the kitchen (that or we get Mongolian Dominoes). Optional skills: Map reader (part of the fun is getting lost and exploring new places, so not essential)

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