A few more practice runs

So in case it isn't obvious, Australia is really far away. This is going to be a pretty big trip. I still haven't entirely realised myself how big this will be. Whilst nothing can really prepare anyone for spending 18 months driving across the world on a very limited budget, we did try to do... Continue Reading →

The first of many practice runs

As much as I would like to paint the picture of Chris and I matching on tinder, going on a couple of dates, and then getting in the car and driving to Australia, the reality is a lot more sensible. After 6 months of dating, and more importantly, preparing Natalie, we were ready for our... Continue Reading →

Meet Natalie

A pretty essential part of driving to Australia is to have a car. Full disclosure: if you're expecting a highly detailed commentary on the technical ins and outs of this car, you are in the wrong place. Natalie is blue. She is a Land Rover. She has lights that look like she is a vampire... Continue Reading →

The Life Changing Swipe Right

On the 20th February, 2017, I was house sitting for a family friend. It was a Monday evening, I was home alone and had no plans for the week ahead. So I did what any single millennial girl would do; started swiping on Tinder. After a while, I found one profile that caught my eye... Continue Reading →

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