Land Rover Lovers

Our weekend was spent at the Erawan National Park at the 15th annual Land Rover Lovers weekend. Natalie thought she had died and gone to heaven (I think Chris did too). For three days we were completely surrounded by Land Rovers and their owners. In a very short time we met so many lovely people. We were made to feel extremely welcome. Yet another brilliant experience to add to our ever growing list of highlights from our trip.

The Land of Smiles

Needless to say, our first few days in Thailand were brilliant. We felt like we were on holiday again! In only a few short days, Thailand had already exceeded our expectations, and we were enjoying every minute of it.

How to go to Myanmar with a car

Just like in China, it is not possible to drive a foreign vehicle in Myanmar without a tour guide. The following blog is aimed at those considering driving through Myanmar and has all the information we think is needed prior to doing this.

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