2pm Photos

Every day we will be taking a photo at 2pm of whatever is directly in front of us at the time: no edits, no poses, no filters. Have a scroll to see what we have been getting up to…

Week 27 (ending 07/09/2019): Admin, Chris’ birthday, more admin, car wash, sending postcards, driving, more driving.

Week 26 (ending 31/08/2019): Planning, first drive in India, watching Harry Potter, more planning, fixing the horn, Charlie’s birthday, checking the car.

Week 25 (ending 24/08/2019): Driving in low range, reading in the mountains, more low range, even more low range, smoooooooth tarmac, drying up, dream lunch.

Week 24 (ending 10/08/2019): Making sun shades, washing clothes, lazy lunch, lunch and sun shades, more sun shades, more lunch, driving.

Week 23 (ending 10/08/2019): Chilling in the hammock, playing cards in the shade, lunch in the shade, lunch with a view, a not so good view, driving in Pakistan, escaping the rain.

Week 22 (ending 03/08/2019): Lunch by the river, NO PHOTOS IN CHINA, NO PHOTOS IN CHINA, in the hotel in Kashgar, NO PHOTOS IN CHINA, NO PHOTOS IN CHINA, passengers in the car.

Week 21 (ending 27/07/2019): Driving in Kyrgyzstan, wiring with Land Cruising Adventure, more wiring with Land Cruising Adventure, leaving Bishkek, getting ready to hike, driving to the lake, driving along dirt tracks.

Week 20 (ending 20/07/2019): Driving in Uzbekistan, travelling on the underground, chilling in the hostel, accounting, watching Hustle, buying Kazakhstan car insurance, relaxing in the shade.

Week 19 (ending in 13/07/19): Caught in a tour group, relaxing in the shade, train to Bukhara, driving to Samarkand, checking the car, traffic in Tashkent, servicing the car.

Week 18 (ending in 06/07/19): Driving to Samarkand, escaping the heat, reading, driving to Bukhara, peacocks in Bukhara, chilling in the hostel (and rocking the flip flop tan), train to Khiva.

Week 17 (ending in 29/06/19): Driving to Tashkent, cleaning out the car, lunch in the car, traffic in Tashkent, escaping the heat, chilling in the hostel, sorting our supplies.

Week 16 (ending in 22/06/19): Lunch in the hostel, train to Khiva, escaping the sun in the hostel, sight seeing in Khiva, watching Star Wars, lunch in Khiva, lunch in the car.

Week 15 (ending in 15/06/19): Locals tour of Tashkent, driving in Uzbekistan, sight seeing in Samarkand, sight seeing in Samarkand, driving to Bukhara, buying train tickets, cooling off in the hostel.

Week 14 (ending in 08/06/19): Taking photos for our China crossing tour application, folding laundry in the hostel, choosing lunch, filtering water, looking at Toyota socks in the market, in Tashkent, looking for a new car battery.

Week 13 (ending in 01/06/19): Driving in Kazakhstan, filling up with diesel, shopping in the market, driving in Kazakhstan, driving in Kazakhstan (its pretty big!), sight seeing, and hostel hunting.

Week 12 (ending in 25/05/19): Driving in Russia, driving in Russia, just over the border in Kazakhstan, lunch in Uralsk, lazy day in the hostel, road side picnic, driving in Kazakhstan

Week 11 (ending in 18/05/19): In a hostel, Chernobyl tour, supermarket shop, at the Ukraine-Russia border, driving in Russia, driving in Russia, driving in Russia.

Week 10 (ending 11/05/19): Relaxing, eating lunch in the car, driving in Ukraine, driving in Ukraine, parked in Kiev, free walking tour in Kiev, cooking a hot lunch.

Week 9 (ending 04/05/19): Non-travel-life-admin, looking for a launderette, watching Romanian’s load a roof rack, napping, servicing Natalie, servicing Natalie, setting up camp.

Week 8 (ending 27/04/19): In Alba Iulia, playing cards in the rain, driving, looking out for bears, shopping for washing powder, eating lunch in the sun, relaxing in a hotel.

Week 7 (ending 20/04/19): In Belgrade, removing stones, in Novi Sad, entering Romania, food shopping, driving, eating lunch in the car.

Week 6 (ending 13/04/19): Bosnian welcome drinks, walking in the rain, driving, lunch in the car, lunch in the car, lunch in the car, admin.

Week 5 (ending 06/04/19): Hiking at Lake Bled, in Ljubljana, at a garage, eating by the sea, driving, in Split, eating by the sea.

Week 4 (ending 30/03/19): Eating in Montpellier, eating in Montpellier, eating by a lake, driving in Nice, camping by Lake Garda, in Venice, driving in Italy.

Week 3 (ending 24/03/19): Relaxing, paperwork, diesel leak, in Halesworth, driving, driving, in Montpellier.

Week 2 (ending 16/03/19): Cards against muggles, driving, at Screwfix, packing, designing, feeding the cat, admin.

Week 1 (ending 09/03/19): Driving, flip flop shopping, driving, eating lunch,
eating lunch, eating lunch, eating lunch.

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