More Than Just a Pause

Somehow it has been six months since my last blog post, and an update is well overdue. Writing in mid-May, COVID felt like something that would be “over and done with” within a matter of months, especially in Australia where cases where diminishing fast.

As the year went on, our hopes that COVID would just be a minor blip slowly turned into acceptance that we would not be able to complete the trip as originally planned.

The Original Plan:

When we left the UK in March 2019 we had two aims of our trip; firstly to follow in the footsteps of First Overland and drive from the UK to Singapore, and secondly to drive a lap of Australia. We completed the UK-Singapore leg of the trip in January 2020. It took a couple of months to arrange getting the car shipped from South-East Asia to Australia, and then on the 16th March we arrived into Australia ready to start the next part of our adventure.

As for what happened next, read our blog post “Pausing for a Pandemic“.

In August, after waiting eight months to start the second leg of our trip, and five months since COVID had caused the trip to be put on hold, our bank accounts, and the scary amount of rusty holes in Natalie told us that our time was running out. So we made a new plan.

The New Plan:

A lap around Tasmania.

We quickly discovered in June that it is too cold for camping in a roof tent over winter in Tassie, so we decided to set off mid September (early spring) for a nine week tour around the island.

After that, our trip would be over (for now), we would fly home in time for Christmas (by which time the UK would surely be through the worst of COVID?!), and then back to work to start saving again so that we could come back to Australia in a few years time to complete our original plan.

So, on the 21st September, we set off for a nine week lap of Tasmania – a place that we had only intended to stay a couple of weeks.

Writing this at the start of December, at the same time as the car is being loaded into a shipping container, and only three days before our flights home, we know we made the best decision. Compared to many others this year we have been exceptionally lucky, we have every intention to come back, and travelling around the beautiful state of Tasmania has helped to make up for the fact that we weren’t able to “finish” our trip as planned.

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