A weekend in Venice

“Shall we have a weekend in Venice?” – Chris suggested a few days before we left the UK whilst we were watching TV. We’d put on ‘race around the world’ – 5 couples have £2600 to get from London to Singapore by land without phones or credit cards. As we watched the couples make their way through Italy, one group decided to take a break for the afternoon and see Venice.

My instinct response was to say “no, we can’t do that” and then I realised that yes, yes we can. We need to be in Russia by May and that was/is the only deadline looming over us for the next year and a half. Life is full of things that need to be done by so and so, and for the first time in forever, that did not apply to us. No deadlines, no set plans, complete and utter spontaneity for the foreseeable future.

“Let’s have a weekend in Venice.”

Not only that, but we stopped off at Lake Garda for an afternoon as well. Our first warm camping evening – we slept like logs.

Afternoon stroll at Lake Garda

Walking around Venice with very little cares in the world was bliss. We criss crossed our way through the narrow streets, had lunch watching the world go by in San Marco Piazza, wandered into the churches, and people watched. The highlight being the queue of people waiting at a jetty to get a photo of themselves in front of the Rialto Bridge – the photos not showing that they were standing next to the boat that was collecting all of the rubbish from the bin men who were queuing with their bin trolleys right next to queue of tourists.

It was a brilliant day. The best bit of all being that unlike many of the other visitors to Venice that day, we didn’t have to pack up our things in a few days/weeks (or for the lucky ones – months). For us, this was just the beginning of many many more spontaneous weekends to come.

San Marco Piazza

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