Morocco 6.10.18 – 29.10.18 (Part 1)

After the success of the mini-practice runs, and the knowledge that we can survive up to a week of camping without any issues, it was time to step up our game. We persuaded three others to join us. The plan: three weeks exploring Morocco.

Adventure ready

Preparation: I would usually consider myself to be a very organised person but weirdly, the opposite can only be said for the time leading up to our Moroccan adventure. I failed to sort out my out-of-date injections (sorry Mum), made no contributions to route planning, and forgot to tell my bank that I would be abroad. I did just about remember to buy travel insurance two days before we left. I also learnt from my previous ferry journey and remembered to download a significant amount of TV onto my iPad. Luckily, Chris picked up the organisational slack; he bought all the tickets, researched routes, and spent a lot of long evenings working on the car – determined for it to at least make it to Portsmouth without breaking down.

Day 1: 6/10/18
Location: Somewhere in the Atlantic ocean

Day one and we already exceeded our expectations of the trip – We made it to Portsmouth without breaking down! The same couldn’t be said for James and Lucy, who had a warning light flash up as soon as we boarded the ferry. Luckily it was only a minor thing, and fixed before the comedy sketch of loading all of the vehicles onto the boat had ended. How they haven’t worked out an efficient system to do this yet is beyond me. Drugged up on motion sickness tablets, I slept for most of the 28 hour ferry ride. A warning for the weak stomached – it’s not the most enjoyable of voyages.

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