A few more practice runs

So in case it isn’t obvious, Australia is really far away. This is going to be a pretty big trip. I still haven’t entirely realised myself how big this will be. Whilst nothing can really prepare anyone for spending 18 months driving across the world on a very limited budget, we did try to do a few more practice runs before we left. These included:

  • Wales
  • Bude
  • Our own off-road driving version of the coast-to-coast walk
  • Two wet weekends in Stratford Upon Avon
  • Lake District
  • Brighton
Parked up for the night in the Lake District.
Look closely to spot the birthday cards lined up on the ‘mantle piece’ (windscreen)

Not much to say about these apart from they were fun and we got good photos. After all, is anything even worth doing if you don’t Instagram it?

The Lake District
Solva, Wales

Lessons learned:

  • Waiting for a recovery truck is boring
  • I do not enjoy weeing in the wilderness
  • Rain doesn’t just go downwards
  • Being cold and wet makes me grumpy
  • Natalie can tip over really really sideways without falling over
Arriving at Robin Hood’s Bay at the end of our coast-to-coast off road adventure
Adventure Overland Show, Stratford Upon Avon

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