Meet Natalie

A pretty essential part of driving to Australia is to have a car. Full disclosure: if you’re expecting a highly detailed commentary on the technical ins and outs of this car, you are in the wrong place. Natalie is blue. She is a Land Rover. She has lights that look like she is a vampire hunting car from the movies. She can drive down very steep hills all by herself.

Chris spent a long time deciding every minuscule part of both the inside and outside of Natalie, and I will never be able to do a description of this process justice. So instead I will summarise the bits that I find most important/know the most (which isn’t much) about.

We (Chris) wanted to make sure that we are prepared for as many potential crises as possible. As a result, Natalie has many of the things you could imagine one would need when driving a really really long way. The list of our (my) priorities of things to take with us included: wine glasses, bunting, candles, a full length mirror, a washing machine, a hot water shower.

It took Chris a while to realise how serious I was about this. Especially item 1. In my eyes, if we have to drink wine from a mug, we might as well not go. Unfortunately I did have to compromise slightly on the full length mirror, but otherwise I did fairly well.

The most thought out part of Natalie is her backside. We needed to be able to fit a dressing room, kitchen, dining room, and garage. After lots and lots of research (most of which I credit to Chris), some wonderful work by a local carpenter, and lots of evenings spent pottering around, this is our end result.

In the back we have 6 drawers for clothes, a shelf for the daily essentials (hammock, rain coats, and those all important wine glasses), a fridge/freezer, two tables, two chairs, kitchen utensils, enough food to feed two very greedy people, some tools, a stove, and spare car parts that may be essential in the days/months to come.

Thank God for Ikea!

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