The Life Changing Swipe Right

On the 20th February, 2017, I was house sitting for a family friend. It was a Monday evening, I was home alone and had no plans for the week ahead. So I did what any single millennial girl would do; started swiping on Tinder. After a while, I found one profile that caught my eye enough to do the unthinkable… message him first.

The first date was a success; he bought me flowers. In the world of tindering, this is almost a myth. Tinder boys do not buy flowers. I figured I was onto something good.

He was looking for a road trip buddy for a trip of a lifetime, driving from England to Australia. I am a huge fan of once in a lifetime trips, and aim to have as many of them in my life as possible – why stop at one? I decided to discuss it with my friends and parents (“Mum, I found a guy online who wants me to drive to Australia with him and I think I might do it”). I expected them to tell me it was a crazy idea, but for some reason they all thought that it sounded like a great plan and that I should definitely go for it. The fact that at 23 years old I had just moved back in with my parents might have had something to do with their enthusiasm for me going on a very very long drive…

So it was decided. Now – many dates and lots of planning later, we are pretty much ready to embark on what will hopefully be the first of many trips of a lifetime together. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for when I swiped right, but I think I am about to find out.

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