Welcome to Starry Nights & Insect Bites!

We are Chris & Charlie

Starry Nights & Insect Bites is an account of our journey from England to Singapore (and beyond) in our Land Rover Discovery 2.

We want to use this to share the highs and the lows of our adventure and to create what we hope will be a useful toolbox of resources for others wanting to embark on a similar trip.

Our Website:

To find out more about us, read ‘Our Story’. For our latest photos check out the ‘Gallery’ & ‘2pm Photos‘. Click on ‘Blog‘ to read about our travels. ‘Kit & Kaboodle’ is where you will find tips/resources that might be handy if you are thinking of doing a similar trip.

📍 Current Location: Suffolk (UK)

We are currently back home in the UK preparing for our next adventure. We will keep you updated as we plan our next trip, but in the mean time, check out the blogs of our previous trips here.

📍 Previous Locations:

Australia (16/03/20-03/12/20), Thailand (21/02/20-15/03/20), Malaysia (20/01/20-21/02/20), Singapore (16/01/20-20/01/20), Malaysia (07/01/20-16/01/20), Thailand (24/11/19-07/01/20), Myanmar (19/11/19-24/11/19), India (09/11/19-19/11/19), Nepal (01/11/19-09/11/19), India (26/08/19-01/11/19), Pakistan (02/08/19-26/08/19), China (29/07/19-02/08/19), Kyrgyzstan (21-29/07/19), Kazakhstan (19-21/07/19), Uzbekistan (07/06/19-19/07/19), Kazakhstan (21/05/19-07/06/19), Russia (15-21/05/19), Ukraine (06-15/05/19), Romania (17/04-06/05/19), Serbia (12-17/04/19), Bosnia and Herzegovina (07-12/04/19), Croatia (01-07/04/19), Slovenia (30/03-01/04/19), Italy (27-30/03/19), France (21-27/03/19), Morocco (06/10/18-29/10/18).

UK to Singapore
Start: 20/03/2019
End: 16/01/2020
Tasmania, Australia:
Start: 16/03/20
End: 03/12/20
Yellow: Road Driven
Orange: Overnight stops

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